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BRASF organising Panel Discussion on 12th October in Columbia University

Bhim Rao Ambedkar Sikh Foundation ( BRASF)  California, USA has conducted a Panel discussion on “Understanding Caste Globally - Formation of the New Social Order ” which going to be held in Columbia University on 12th October 2014.

The panel discussion being held in the wake of Socio-political upheavals witnessed in the past two decades in the hope to awaken those who are suffering under its burden and those who are on side of equality, struggling to liberate the oppressed majority - the Mulnivasi Bahujans (SC, ST OBC and the non Hindu religious groups -the Sikhs, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians) to bond together in brotherhood to annihilate the Caste System from the Indian subcontinent. The Panel discussion attempts to dismantle the mythical interpretations of the history of India’s wretched.

The main guests for the panel discussion are Dr Lewis Baldwin, Author and Prof Vanderbult University, Nashville, USA and Ms Arundhati Roy Man Booker prize winning author and social activist, Dr. Manisha Bangar, National Vice-President Mulnivasi Sangh, Dr. Amrik Sing, Professor of Punjabi and Ethnic Studies at Sacramento State University.

The discussion will rally around Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s relentless battle against caste apologetics who later became the self-styled nationalists and heroes of the oppressed Mulnivasi majority.

Anyone could register by going to the website Also encourage your friends, activists, media journalists, students, and all those who wish to come forward in solidarity to register and attend the event.